Bible Names

All you need to know about bible names. Girls name, boys name and meanings

Bible Names - All you need to know about bible names. Girls name, boys name and meanings

Biblical Angel Names

Biblical Angel Names

If you have a new baby and want to give them a meaningful name that stands out you should consider using a bible names of angels.  Angels are the messengers of God, and they are seen as the protectors and guides for mankind.   In the bible, only Michael and Gabriel are named so this article will also include angels who are named in the Apocrypha and other lesser-known Angels as well.

These spiritual beings are just as unique as their names and their very image invokes an image of kindness, beauty, and grace.  There are bible names of angels that can be used for both boys and girls, as well as names that may not be an angel name but is angelic or related to angels and so we will include these names as well.

Baby Names that Derived from the Word Angel


  • Unisex name
  • Pronounced AIN-jel or AHN-hail
  • Greek origin; derived from the Latin name Angelus, which comes from the Greek word angelos
  • Biblical name – angels are spiritual creatures that are God’s messengers
  • Messenger of God or messenger is the meaning of the name


  • Girl’s name
  • Pronounced AN-je-lah
  • Greek origin; a female form of the Latin name Angelus
  • Messenger of God or messenger is the meaning of the name


  • Girl’s name
  • Pronounced AN-je-lee


  • Girl’s name
  • Pronounced an-JEL-hin-ah


  • Girl’s name
  • Pronounced an-JEL-et-ah


  • Girl’s name
  • Pronounced an-JEL-ih-kah
  • Latin origin
  • Angelic is the meaning of the name


  • Boy’s name
  • Pronounced AN-jel-oh

Angel Names and Description of the Angel

Biblical Angel Names for Boys


  • Traditionally a boy’s name but can be used for a girl
  • Pronounced GAY-bree-el
  • Hebrew origin
  • Gabriel is an archangel and one of only two angels named in the bible; often identified as a female angel; Gabriel is considered to be the Angelic Messenger
  • Hero of God and God’s able-bodies one are the meanings of the name


  • Traditionally a boy’s name but can be used for a girl
  • Pronounced MYE-kal
  • Hebrew origin
  • Michael is an archangel, one of two angels named in the bible.  The archangel Michael is considered to be the angel that saved Daniel from the lion’s and spoke to Moses from the burning bush; the angel of miracles
  • Who resembles God is the meaning of the name


  • Boy’s name
  • Pronounced rah-fah-EL
  • Hebrew origin
  • Raphael is an archangel; named in the Apocryphal book of Tobit; is considered to be the angel who gave the water in the pool of Bethesda its healing powers by stirring it; angel  of healing
  • Healing god is the meaning of the name



  • Boy’s name
  • Pronounced OOR-ee-el
  • Hebrew origin
  • Uriel is an archangel; he is named in the Apocrypha; on judgment day he will sound the trumpet;; known as Israfil to Muslims; angel of creativity


This section is going to be formatted slightly different because many of these are not traditional baby names.  The rest of the section is devoted to angels who are not listed in the bible or in the Apocrypha but they are all recognized as angels.  Some of these names you will recognize because they are popular names, however we are only listing their angelic connection, not their connection to other biblical figures.


  • Angel of Faith
  • When the angels rebelled in heaven Abdiel remained faithful and helps to force out the angels who rebel, including Satan


  • Angel of Youth
  • Afriel is not just the angel for youth but he is also the angel for the spirit of youth, and the beliefs, promises, and hopes that come with it


  • Angel of Communications
  • A protective angel who helps to guide humans towards finding inner truth


  • Angel of Nature
  • Ariel is associated with Raphael, helping to cure disease.  Ariel means the lion of God


  • Angel of Joy
  • Inspires joy, beauty and contentment; one who sees God is the meaning of his name


  • Angel of Temperance; angel of tears and solitude
  • Cassiel is associated with Saturday and is one of those who rule Saturn; one of the princes of the order of Powers


  • Angel of Harmony
  • Leads mankind to harmony by promoting self-love


  • Angel of Learning
  • Taught humans speech; inspires mankind to learn and continue to evolve culturally


  • Angel of Innocence
  • Created the Tree of life; guardian angel to newborns and those who die young


  • Archangel of Death/Transformation
  • Foretold the destruction of Juda; foretold that the exiles would be returning to their own country


  • Angel of Kindness
  • Inspires kindness, beauty and art


  • Angel of Manifestation
  • Helps mankind achieve their heart’s desire


  • Angel of Enlightenment
  • Inspires mankind to be open-minded, enlightened and to have freedom of thought


  • Angel of Conception
  • Guardian of spirits as they are birthed; fought for Abraham during his battle with Kings


  • Angel of the Divine Plan
  • Helps to reveal the Divine Plan of God to mankind; helps discover our life’s purpose


  • Angel of Emotion
  • Inspires awareness and our ability to connect to our inner feelings


  • Angel of Fire
  • Angel of the element of fire, including the fires that inspire us from within to find divinity; means gift of God


  • Angel of Vision
  • She is the angel that guards our conscious from our unconscious and helps us determine reality from illusion


  • Angel of Thunder; female aspect of Ramiel is known as the Angel of Joy
  • Oversees the souls that are being judged on the last day


  • Angel of Endurance
  • Oversees the mountains and inspires endurance, stability and inner strength


  • Angel of Guidance
  • An archangel whose name means God’s command; associated with the sky


  • Angel of Nature
  • Inspires mankind to love nature within their hearts

Verchiel / Herchel

  • Angel of Affection
  • Associated with math, learning, language, and intellect; governs the sun and is a ruler of the order of Powers


  • Angel of Surrender
  • Helps mankind to not be ruled by material things; that our physical life is only temporary

Name that are not Angels but related to Angels


  • Girl’s name
  • Irish – means angel


  • Girl’s name
  • French – means like an angel

Erela / Erelah

  • Girl’s name
  • Hebrew – means angel


  • Girl’s name
  • Greek – means bringer of good news


  • Girl’s name
  • Icelandic – means wings that are folded


  • Girl’s name
  • Arabic – means angel


  • Boy’s name
  • Italian – means from the angel


  • Boy’s name
  • German – means bright as an angel


  • Boy’s name
  • Hebrew – means an angelic being


  • Girl’s name
  • Hebrew – means fiery-winged

When it comes to bible names of angels, there are many options.  Although most angels are not listed in the bible, there are many names and derivatives of names that mean angel or relate to angels.

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